Our Mission

25 United is committed to providing immediate relief to areas impacted by disaster. We unite volunteers and professionals from all walks of life who are passionate, hard-working, and devoted to rebuilding communities, replenishing supplies, and restoring a way of life in the aftermath of devastation.

Our Story

When a disaster strikes, communities are uprooted and many are left with nothing but destruction, fear, and despair. Our teams of volunteers witnessed this first-hand in The Bahamas during the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian – a destructive storm that left once-thriving islands in absolute ruins. Devastation as far as the eyes could see, and panic in the hearts of the Bahamian natives for what was now their new normal.

Hundreds of volunteers from Florida’s Treasure Coast dedicated their time, skills, and energy to assist in relief efforts. For nearly two months, countless individuals collected donations, hosted fundraisers, and deployed to the islands to help stabilize and rebuild these communities under the direction of the Florida-based non-profit, Operation 300. And while this organization had to refocus its efforts back on its mission, our teams of volunteers just didn’t feel like our work in the Abaco Islands was complete, and so became 25 United Disaster Relief.

Our time on the ground was life-changing and awe-inspiring. There is nothing quite like restoring life and hope back into a community that has suffered such loss, and in that, our teams decided to grow our relief efforts far beyond Abaco.

25 United is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing world-wide relief to areas impacted by a disaster, be it natural or man-made. Our goal is to unite a team of 25 volunteers with experience in the fields of emergency medical response, public safety, and construction, who are willing and ready to deploy within days of a disaster striking. Once mobilized, this team of helping hands will work toward restabilizing these communities by clearing debris, providing necessary medical attention, establishing distribution centers for donated food and supplies, and rebuilding homes, shelters, churches, and schools. 25 United will aid in establishing a relief infrastructure unique to each region of deployment and facilitate immediate disaster relief efforts. Our mission is to restore a way of life back into these communities and help them achieve self-sustainability.

One meal, one nail, and one day at a time, 25 United is committed to restoring hope and life back into communities in the aftermath of disaster and destruction.